Our History
The United States of America will soon celebrate our two hundred and thirty fourth birthday. The First Baptist Church of Waynesboro has been in existence for well over one-half of that time. We came to life on January 18,1880 as the Waynesboro Baptist Church for the purpose of "keeping house for God." This theme that was the mantra for the men and women who constituted the charter members of the Waynesboro Baptist Church is now prominently displayed on one of our cornerstones.

The Waynesboro Baptist Church emerged out of the Rocky Creek Church and this family of faith has been through at least three different buildings during her history with numerous renovations of the buildings and grounds along the way. The church has been served by twenty-four different pastors over the course of her now one hundred and thirty year history. The Waynesboro Baptist Church became the First Baptist Church of Waynesboro somewhere between 1928 and 1930.

Two different streams of Baptist tradition flowed into and through the south in the late eighteenth century. Both streams came from Virginia and through North Carolina to produce differing kinds of Baptist Churches all across the South. One stream is known as the "Charleston Tradition." This stream produced churches with men in the pulpit who were highly educated and very articulate; it produced churches whose worship was formal and ritualistic. The other stream is known as the "Sandy Creek Tradition. This stream produced churches with men in the pulpit who had little or no education and whose method of preaching was long on loud and short on substance but filled with intense emotional outbursts complete with spit and sweat; churches that were very informal and often very spontaneous. Both kinds of churches can be seen all across the South. Both these traditions have about them much that is to be commended and the very best of churches are those in which these two traditions live comfortably together.

FBC Waynesboro is a church that was born out of the Charleston Tradition and maintained that tradition tenaciously for a long time. The church has known intermittent seasons of Sandy Creek saturation and has become the kind of church in which these streams have merged mightily, a church where the mind can be challenged and the heart can be "strangely warmed," where the holiness of God is honored and the love of God is celebrated, a church where genuine emotional expression in worship is encouraged in the context of biblically directed decorum. FBC Waynesboro has a rich history and heritage upon which to live in the present and plan for the future in a way that will bless what has been while seeking to become all that God wants us to be. Soli Deo Gloria!