Message from the Pastor
Welcome home! Well, not really. We who are called Christians or disciples or followers of Jesus are not home until we get to heaven. But until we get there we have the great privilege of being a part of the Body of Christ here upon the earth. Dr. Sinclair Ferguson pastor of one of the finest churches in South Carolina spoke these words, "no higher honor or greater privilege can be given to any human being than to become and to be a part of the church of the Lord Jesus Christ." Do we believe that? I do.

I do think that it is time for the church to stop taking a back seat on the bus or playing second fiddle to other instruments in the band. No reading of Scripture would lead to any other conclusion than this one: the church is the first family for believers and deserves our first and finest commitment in terms of the investment of our time and energy. There really is no higher honor or greater privilege than to be a part of the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. And for me there is no better church to which to belong than FBC Waynesboro. I do give thanks and praise to God for each and every one of you and what we share together in the work of the Gospel.

Serving Him,

G. Al Wright, Jr.
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