BSA Takes the Next Step

February 7, 2017

You may have read recently that the Boy Scouts of America have now ruled that they will allow biologically defined women who are self declared men to be members of the Boy Scouts.  It was a stunning but not at all surprising development.  A woman in Colorado whose biological daughter is a self-declared boy wanted to be in the Boy Scouts.  The Scoutmaster as we would expect denied her admission into the Scouts.  The mother filed a lawsuit, the BSA changed its position; now declaring that biologically defined female who are transgender can be a part of the organization.  The mother who brought the lawsuit is also pushing for the Scoutmaster to be removed from his position because of his intolerant position on what from her perspective should be a settled issue.
The move by the BSA was a sad one for them and for all of us who love the Boy Scouts.  I wrote about a year ago a blog about the issue that was front and center then with the Boy Scouts as they had agreed to allow self-declared Gay leaders and self-declared Gay members.  That development was disturbing to me because it changed the course of the clear commitments of the organization.  Here is a noble organization whose commitment is to assist boys toward real manhood.  It has served for so many a very noble and exalted purposes.  I said then that my greatest sadness was that what the national organization had done was just the beginning.  Some would tell me that I was wrong.  A friend said that what happened then was a little blip on the big radar screen of life.  Well, I wished I had been wrong.  I wasn’t.
I am grateful to God for the local leaders of our Boy Scouts here where I live in the South.  These men lead well. They do an outstanding job.  They are seeing under their leadership a more than small number of boys becoming Eagle Scouts.  They are to be commended.  I heard our local Scoutmaster say with deep conviction last year to one of our “eagles” that what he achieved was outstanding but “it does not compare at all with your relationship with Jesus Christ as Lord.”  I wept.  I was so proud of this young man but even more proud in that moment of this Scoutmaster.
I know that the BSA is not by charter a Christian organization.  It does not have to be in order to do good things with boys becoming men.  What it has to be is clear about who a boy is.  That is what is now confused.  God made us male and female; God made males to relate romantically to females and sexually in marriage to females.  The Boy Scouts have taught that because until now they were clear about who boys and men are.  They are not any longer at least as they are led by those who give oversight at the national level.
I do not know what local units will do.  They are in a dilemma in my opinion about whether to stay with the national organization and ignore for as long as possible their positions.  Or they can look at organizations that have emerged like Trail Life USA which is a distinctively Christian alternative to BSA.  I am sure of this given our local leadership where we are that they will make decisions that will most honor God and maintain the integrity of what it means to be a Boy Scout.  We are in good hands locally.  We need the same kind of good hands steering the course for the national organization.