Passion 2012

December 3, 2011

January 2-5 will mark the first time I will be a part of a passion event in 12 years. I went with a group as a college student to an event called Oneday in 2000 at Shelby Farms outside of Memphis TN. This event had a large impact on my development as a college student, and as a future minister of the gospel. God made much of Himself in that gathering of people.

The coming Passion event this year in Atlanta will take place at the Dome, in our very own backyard. Already this looks to be a tremendous opportunity for college students, and High School seniors from all over the globe to be moved for the glory of God.

I want to ask you to pray for the students our church is sending this year:

  • Mallory Register
  • Mariah Cates
  • Elizabeth Vetter
  • Cody Ashe
  • Logan Christian
  • Justin Matthews
However I do not just ask for them, I ask on behalf of the other 39,994 students who will also be in aVendance. The impact of 4 days of focused worship for that many students can change the face of the world for good, and the glory of God. Partner with me to pray that God would do something mighty in these days.

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