Worship Preparation for April 23

April 20, 2017

We return this Sunday to our study of the Ten Commandments and the third of three introductory sermons.  We have looked at the foundation of the Ten Commandments:  God speaks to HIs people; the fulness/fulfillment of the Ten Commandments:  the Gospel of Jesus Christ to which the law drives us and when we are changed by the Gospel we are driven back to the law of God as the standard by which we can have a true measure of our growth in holiness.  We will examine this Sunday the focus of the Ten Commandments.  Read Mark 12:28-34 in preparation for worship.  Notice how confident the Scribe is in the presence of Jesus and listen to what Jesus says to him, "you are not far from the Kingdom of God."  The Scribe is in the worst place that any person could ever be.