Georgia Baptist Women's Spring Event Collection, 4/12 - 24/17

April 20, 2017

In 2009, through a 3-year grant from the Georgia Baptist Helathcare Ministry Foundation, the Health Advocate Nurse program at Stone Mountain Park was started with a group of registered nurses assist the needs of nearly 10,000 employees in 5 states.  These women practice Faith Community Nursing, a sub-specialty of nursing that includes intentional care of the spirit along with the physical and emotional needs.  A simple pack of crackers or a bottle of water can open a conversation about an immediate need, and before long the nurse is able to share the gospel of Jesus through this simple act of caring.  

This year, our FBC Women on Missions will be collecting the below listed items to take with them to the Georgia Baptist Spring Event (4/27-29/17) in Duluth, GA.  If you would like to contribute monetarily to the purchase of these items, please drop your donation off by the church office or mark it accordingly and place in the offering plate.  All donations must be received by Monday, April 24th in order to pack for the upcoming trip to Duluth.

  • Pocket-size tubes of sunscreen
  • Individual packs of crackers (cheese, peanut butter, etc)
  • $10.00 gift cards to Kroger or WalMart (for the purchase of fresh fruits)
  • Disposable cold packs (the kind you squeeze to activate)
  • Bandaid strips
  • Assorted greeting cards (get well, sympathy, thank you, thinking of you, congratulations, etc)
  • Small bottles (50 tablets or less) of Advil (Ibuprofen, Tylenol (Acetominophen), Aspirin, Allergy Relief (Diphenhydraine),
    please only purchase if expiration date is October 2017 or later
  • Ace bandages (regular size)
These gifts are also used at weekly Bible studies, or to feed someone who hasn't eaten all day.  Your donation can literally be life-changing.  Of course, the greatest need is always prayers.  Please consider donating as well as keeping this program in your prayers.