Worship Preparation for May 14

May 10, 2017

The first commandment is about EXCLUSIVITY:  there is one God who alone is worthry of worship.  The second commandment is about INTEGRITY:  our one God is to be worshiped in the way that He alone prescribes.  We worship Him as regulated by His Word so that His Word prayed, read, sung, and preached should Sunday afer Sunday be the heart of worship.  The third commandment is about AUTHENTICITY:  is there a a clear connection between profession of faith and practice of faithfulness?  Do we take the name of the Lord upon our lips AND live out what that means both in worship and in our way of life?  What does it mean really when the Bible says:  do not take the Name of the Lord Your God in vain?  I am excited already about our gathering before the throne of God in worship this Sunday of His Great Name.