Summer Blues

June 1, 2017

The weather has always fascinated me. I sometimes think if I was not doing what I believe God has called me to do here at First Baptist Church I would have been a weatherman chasing hurricanes or tornadoes on the weather channel. But I think my fascination with the weather stems from how clearly I see the hand of God and the lessons we can learn from the different seasons and changes in weather that go with each season.
As we approach summer many people are delighted with the warmer, longer days.  Especially if you are a teacher or student and are out of school. Out of all the seasons I probably like summer the least because of the heat, humidity and gnats here in the south. I find myself getting the summer blues; more irritable and uncomfortable often feeling confined to the indoors because of the heat. When I lived overseas in northern Europe, however, I looked forward to the warmer summer months the most after enduring 6 months of rain, cold and constant cloud cover.  Like the weather our circumstances can change. We go through seasons in life, sometimes very difficult seasons, other times wonderful seasons of encouragement. How do we respond in our praise and worship of God when circumstances always seem to be changing or getting seemingly worse?
Psalm 148 talks about Praising God and says in vs. 3 ‘Praise him, sun and moon, praise him, all you shining stars’. Verse 9 talks about the mountains and hills and fruit trees and beasts and birds giving praise to God. I especially love vs. 8 which says, ‘fire and hail, snow and mist even stormy wind fulfill His word by praising God’. Verse 11 and 12 talk about kings, princes, rulers, all the peoples of the earth giving praise to God. As I read this Psalm I’m struck by the fact that these things give praise to the Lord because they were created by God. We as human beings are created by God in His image for His glory. What I have learned from reading and studying this Psalm is that we don’t praise God when we feel like it or only when things are going our way. We praise God as it says in vs. 13 ‘for his name alone is exalted because of his majesty which is greater than everything on earth and in heaven above’. We praise God because He is God and the greatness, beauty and majesty of God can be clearly seen from the stars in the heavens above to the snow on the mountains below and yes, even in the stormy winds and rain on a warm hot summer afternoon. Praise the Lord!