Worship Preparation for July 16

July 13, 2017

Do not commit adultery.  This is the commandment for this Sunday.  This commandment points us in two directions:  the sancttity of all human life because every human is made in the image of God and the divine dignity of marriage as the only institution for sexual activity that God has ordained.  This commandment reminds us simply and succinctly that any and all sexual activity before or outside of marriage is an act of defiance agatinst our God, an act of disobedience of His Word, and an act of exploitation of our fellow man/woman.  But who will be present on Sunday that has not faced either ourselves or in our families the ruin of sexual sin:  premarital sex, cohabitation, divorce, adultery, homosexuality in its various forms?  What we must do is hear the Truth of the Word of God about the sin in the light of the Truth of the Word of God about our Savior.

That is why Sunday we will sing, 'Come as You Are," and sing these words, "there's hope for the hopeless and all those who've strayed, come sit at the table, come taste of the grace."  And we will sing "Enoujgh" where we will offer these words to God in song, "More than all I want, more than all I need; You are more than enough for me."  We will sing a third song on Sunday as well which is a really old and powerful text about the wideness that is in God's mercy. 

We will be talking about sex and God's intentions for it on Sunday.  This would be a good time parents for you to talk with your children about the beauty of the way God made us in His image and created marriage for one man and one woman to live and love toether sharing together the wonderful gift of sex.  Where better to talk about this gift than in the worship of the God who has given us this great and glorious gift.