Sunday School - Do I have to?

August 1, 2017

Growing up in Texas my dad made sure going to Sunday School and what we called ‘big church’ was a priority. This was not debatable. Even as I got to my teenage years I could handle going to the 11:00 A.M. service but getting up for Sunday school at 9:30 was an ordeal from about age 14-17. My dad would say if you live under my roof or until you turn 18 I expect you to get up and be on time for Sunday School.  And my dad was not the kind of man you wanted to debate with. So reluctantly and with a great deal of rebellion in my heart I got up and made it to Sunday School until I was 18.
When I left for Europe at age 23 and got plugged into the local church I found that Adult Sunday School was very uncommon. Not that it was necessarily bad because we were part of many solid, biblical evangelical churches during our years overseas. But it was not until we moved to Waynesboro in 2005 and got plugged into an Adult Sunday School class that I realized how much I missed it. What I enjoyed the most was being part of a small group where there was discussion about scripture and the practical application of God’s Word for our daily lives. And now as a Sunday School teacher I have come to see Sunday School as one of the highlights of my week.
Many of you reading this are active participants in an adult Sunday School Class. Others of you are not. There may be valid reasons due to your work schedule, physical limitations or family dynamics that prohibit you from participating on a regular basis. But for others there really is no good excuse for not being involved in a Sunday school class and I imagine perhaps even a few of you reading this are like that rebellious teenager I once was and just want to sleep in an hour longer before morning worship at 10:30. May I challenge anyone not involved in a Sunday School class to make a commitment to get plugged in this fall and be a regular attender. Don’t pray or think about it, just simply do it. We have many gifted teachers and are following a great curriculum from Lifeway Ministries called the ‘Gospel Project’. What I like about Sunday School is that we are functioning like a ‘small church’ caring for the needs of each other, praying for each other, reaching out in ministry to others and studying and discussing God’s Word. We function much like you read about how the early church functioned in Acts 2. If you have any questions about our Adult Sunday School classes please contact me or the church office. We’d love to see some new faces this fall.