Worship Preparation for September 17

September 13, 2017

We move Sunday from thinking about how we are to live out the Gospel in the church and before the world into how we are to live out the Gospel in our marriages and families.  There is a key verse that must be properly understood in order to understand how we are called to live in the church is connected intricately and intimately to how we are called to live in marriage and family.  The verse reads, "submitting to one another out of fear of Christ."  We will spend our entire time on Sunday unpacking this verse.  We will sing as our final song on Sunday a beautiful hymn, "O Lord, May Church and Home Combine."  It begins with these words, "O Lord may church and home combine to teach Thy perfect way, with gentleness and love like Thine,that none shall ever stray."  And we ask God to make that true in our families, don't we?  I will look forward to gathering with you this Sunday "before the throne of God above."