Worship Preparation for October 8

October 6, 2017

God has given us the Gospel as the means of bringing  us into a relationship with Him through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus that when received and believed begins and continues to revolutionize our lives.  That revolution of our lives happens at a different pace for almost every person.  For example, I came to commit my life to Jesus as Lord out of background of nothingness and emptiness; I had no understanding even of what it meant to be saved let alone what it meant to follow Jesus.  But as I started reading and studying the Bible, plugging into Sunday School and getting involved in worship I would soon learn that the only Gospel the Bible knows and proclaims is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that changes us and keeps on changing us.  God is brining us into conformity to Christ as a part of His church.  And one of hte images that the Bible uses for what that looks like is image of war.  We are soliders in the army of God engaged in the biggest and best battle that weill ever be fought.  Read Ephesians 6:10-24.  Google if you do not know the words for the two hymns "Stand Up, Stand Up for Jesus," and "Onward Christian Soldiers."  Ask yourself before Sunday when is the last time that you thought of the Christian life as war?  Why not?  See you Sunday.