Safety Concerns at FBC Waynesboro

November 9, 2017

FBC Waynesboro has had in place for over a year now a process that does what we think is the best way to assure as much as humanly possible the saftey of those who join us for Worship on the Lord's Day.  You can be assured that our usher teams are doing more than receivng an offering, passing out bulletins and greeting people as they enter for worship.  They are actively invlolved in watching over the buildings and the parking areas while we are gathered for worship.  We also have a security policy that was put together by Greg Coursey and others that has been approved by our deacon body which guides a security team that we have in place.  We want you to know that these things are in place while knowing at the same time that our worship of God is not driven by how safe we feel or how safe we are.  We worship God becasue we are compelled to worship the One alone who is worthy of our worship whatever the risk and whatever the cost.