Worship Preparation for December 10

December 6, 2017

You may have noticed last Sunday that we are singing carols and only carols all of Advent.  We should be able to get in a lot of them.  I love them and I hope you do too.  We will turn this Sunday to Daniel 7 and Revelation 11.  Jesus is the Son of Man.  He is the one who conquers as a warrior but He is also the one who cares compassionately for His church.  The Son of Man embraces both these dimensions in the life and ministry of Jesus.  

Two books in the Bible use a unique form of writing that is found in Jewish and Gentile writings outside the Bible but only in the books of Daniel and Revelation in the Bible.  That form is called "apocalyptic."  It and all of its features were well known and much loved in the world in which Daniel and Jesus lived.  The form uses symbols, images, metaphors and other "symbolic" expressions to paint a big picture with one very simple and straighforward point at the center of the picture.  The intention of this kind of writing is for us to see the big picture but to focus and to dwell on the main point.  We typically get that turned upside down with our unanswerable questions llike, "when will the end come?  What are the signs?  Who really is the big "A" "Antichrist"?  What this kind of literature like Daniel and Daniel seven where we will be Sunday simply want us to see what is at the center of the picture; what is the main point?  What is it that we really need to know?  That is our question for Sunday.  I am so excited to worship with you on the Lord's Day.