Doug and Sheri Cates

December 7, 2017

Our church family awakens this morning to the tragic news of the death of Doug and Sheri Cates just after midnight from smoke inhalation due to a fire at their home.  Please pray for both families today.  No plans have been made at this point.  We will post information as we receive it.  We all seem to want answers to questions during these times that are neither necessary or helpful.  The only question worth raising and receiving a response is the one we can answer with assurance for both of them:  did their lives give a clear witness that they had trusted Jesus as Lord as they sought to live for Him as a part of His church? And we can answer today with an emphatic yes so we give thanks to God who gives us an overwhelming victory through our Lord Jesus Christ.  Yet, to write those words and to read them today without tears is impossible. GAW