Worship Preparation for April 13

May 10, 2018

What we often refer to with terms like "happiness, joy, satisfaction, contentment or not being anxious and stressed or worried" is gathered together in one term in the Bible:  PEACE.  But the word in both Testaments that is used for "Peace" does not refer to an absence of conflict in our souls or controversy with others, the word refers to WHOLENESS.  God wants us to be whole and only He by His Spirit through what His Son has done for us at the cross and thorugh the resurrection expressed clearly in HIs Word can make us WHOLE.  Only God can bring us joy, happiness, satisfaction, completeness etc."  But how does that happen for us?  Read Deuteronomy 8 in preparation for worship on Sunday.  Notice the word "whole" in the first two verses; it is really the theme for the whole chapter.  See you Sunday!