Do You Like Children

May 31, 2018

For many years, I struggled as my children were young and growing up, to be involved as a volunteer in any type of children’s ministry. It wasn’t that I did not like children.  I simply reasoned it was hard enough raising my own family, I worked long hours and traveled and did not have the time, energy or desire. Plus, I used to always think there were other parents better suited for children’s ministry who were more patient with young kids.
As my children got older I realized part of my problem all along was really a heart issue and God started to convict me of my pride and selfishness. I’m not the world’s best children’s ministry volunteer by a long shot. Far from it. But I swallowed my pride and volunteered to help Glenn Ashe in AWANA after we moved to Waynesboro and did that for a few years and actually enjoyed it. The last two years after coming on staff I started going to the Upward games on Saturday and the past two summers started helping behind the scenes with VBS and saw first-hand the importance these ministries are making on the lives of our children and their parents for the gospel. God started changing some of the thinking I had about children’s work but most importantly he started changing my heart. Many of you reading this serve selflessly and graciously in our nursery, with our children and youth and we are blessed to have you. Thank you for your service!
In closing, not long ago in my daily quiet time I was reading through the gospel of Matthew and was in chapter 19 where it talks about the little children who were being brought to Jesus. In Luke’s gospel, the term used in 18:15 detailing the same story implies that these were infants. Both texts make clear that we are talking about very young children and the disciples were indignant thinking that the care of little children was inconsistent with their Master’s dignity. In their minds, it was beneath Jesus. And yet there had to have been something about Jesus’ demeanor that attracted mothers to bring their young children to Him. You want to know what really got to me as I started to think about this text? It was this. Here was Jesus, God incarnate, who showed such a profound sense of compassion, humility, kindness and love that he would take even young children into his arms and lay his hands on them, a symbol of prayer and blessing. It was yet another display that Jesus cared about and took time for the lowly, the marginalized, the insignificant people of the world, yes even the small children. Now let us go and do likewise. Practically that means some of you reading this should consider being a volunteer to help with our upcoming VBS. Hope to see some of you in June.