Worship Preparation for June 24

June 23, 2018

Teachers know the absolute necessity and extreme value of repetition.  One of the keys to being an effective teacher is to learn how to state what needs to be learned by students in a variey of ways.  Repetition is a key to learning, saying the same thing mulitple times in different ways.  Well, the Bible is one of the most effective documents in the whole world at showing us how to repeat the same thing over and over again by using different words and thus speaking in different ways.  We see this in Deuteronomy 10:12 through the end of chapter 11.  This section is the conclusion of God giving to His people instructions about who we must be and how we must live if we are to be truly His.  He ends this section that begins in chapter four and concludes at the end of chapter eleven with three very repetitive sections that speak very clearly what our lives look like when we are living in obedience to Him as His people.  We will look at  the second of three repetitons tomorrow found in Deuteronomy 11:1-17.

We will gather again at the end of the Lord's Day to observe the Lord's Supper.  We will hear from one of our students who went to M-Fuge and one of our students who just returned on Friday from Centrikids.  See you on Sunday as we do as we are commanded and set aside the Lord's Day for gathering with our church family to honor God in worship and to grow a little in holiness as we read and study His Holy Word together.