Update on Sylvia Griffin and Jack Brantley

July 17, 2018

We give thanks and praise to God that Sylvia is recovering from the stroke she suffered.  She has been moved from the ICU to room 523.  Surgery on her ankle could be as early as today.  She looks good and her speech and right side movements are recovering nicely for which we give praise to God.  Continue to pray for her.  Cards and short calls would be nice.  Visits to the hospital should be infrequent and short. Thanks for understanding and caring most about what she most needs at this time.

Jack Brantley was admitted to University Hospital with heart related symptoms.  He was released to home yesterday, still very weak and much in need of our prayers.  Pray as well for Martha Jean who is not well.  It is good to be a part of a church family where we know and understand the power of God that operates when His people pray. Thanks.