Join the Team!

September 11, 2018

Here are two more common worries surrounding serving in the babies and preschool ministry...
Concern: I don’t like kids/I hate serving in that area
Solution: You won’t be in the classroom alone. There will always be another adult in the room to serve alongside you. Plus, the Christian life is all about conforming our loves and affections to mirror what God loves. And God loves children! What a great opportunity for you to grow in Christ likeness! 

Concern: I already serve in another ministry 
Solution: Everyone who currently serves in the babies and preschool ministry also serves somewhere else. We can work around your current service schedule.

Ready to join the team? It’s easy! Click here and fill out the volunteer form OR call or text me at 918.510.9944.

Looking forward to you joining in the ministry, 
Rebekah Felcman