Worship Preparation for October 21

October 18, 2018

One of the real dangers in our day among professing Christians is to detach and divorce the law of God from the Gospel of God.  We hear people say what is partially true, "I am not under the law but under grace." If you mean by that simply that your being right with God does not depend on what you do but only what God has done in Jesus Christ that you have received by faith, then you are right.  But if you mean by that statement that being declared right by God through HIs grace and by faith has no connection to a life lived in passionate pursuit of holiness driven by a deep desire to obey God, then you are entirely wrong.  In fact, you would be among those labeled through the centuries of the church as heretics.  So, hows does the law of God connect with the Gospel of God; how does what God has done for us in Jesus connect with what we do by the power of the Spirit of God for the glory of God and the exalting of Jesus?  That is our question on Sunday.  The answer is found in Matthew 5:17-20 and in Deuteronomy 22-25.  Come join us as we explore how the Law and the Gospel are attached at the cross.