Worship Preparation for November 11

November 8, 2018

Who decides what constitutes a church?  Is it up to its leaders to decide or do the members of a church decide?  Or is there some clearly communicated content in Scripture that lays down very preceisely what a church is to be?  Can we read and study the Bible and find there a very precise portrait of the church?  Moses would answer that there is a clearly painted picture of the church and it he sets it before us in Deuteronomy 29.  This picture of course is filled out more completely by Jesus in the Gospels and by the apostes in the Book of Acts and the writings of Paul and the others.  But the picture in Deuteronomy 29 is very clear.  Let's look at it on Sunday.

We will be reading Psalm 12.  We will be singing "Your Name" and "All I have is Christ" along with "Shall we gather at the River?" and "To Worship Work and Witness."  See you Sunday with a heart ready to give praise to God as we open our mouths to sing His praise and open our lives to hear His Word.