All Activities Resume this Weekend

January 3, 2019

We enjoyed together a wonderful Advent/Christmas season but many of us if you are like me have missed being together on Sunday night and Wednesday night.  Well we resume this Sunday all of our regular activities with AWANA at 5:30 and First Family Ministry meeting at 5.  Our students will resume their time together on Sunday night and Wednesday night with our Mission Friends GA's and GMUD resuming this Wednesday night as well.  Our regular Wednesday night prayer and Bible Stuty time begins again this Wednesday at 6 with the handbell choir meeting at 6 followed by the FBC choir meeting at 7 in the choir room.

The only Bible Study that begins this week is the one meeting in the home of Anne Wright at 518 Pine Needle Road.  Please call the church office or Anne at 706-551-1095 to join this Bible Study that begins at 5:30 on Tuesday January 8.  You can also email Anne at for more information or to sign up.