Worship Preparation for the thirteenth

January 10, 2019

We begin this Sunday a three week series on The Gospel.  We will be in 1 Corinthians 15:1-11 this week as we address the issue of the Presentation  of the Gospel.  I am absoluetly convinced that Satan does not want us to eliminate Gospel presentations but to create Gospel presentations that consist of something far less than the Gospel:  we can invite people to unite with a church or to ask for forgiveness of sins and give them from us the assurance that they are going to heaven or we can assure people who are baptized that they are in fact full fledged believers and a hundred other things.  But God saves sinners who hear THE GOSPEL and under conviction of sin and by the power of the Holy Spirit commit to a really and radically changed life that God produces in us based on what God has done for us in Chrsit.  There is only one True Gospel.  Lets learn together this Sunday what it is.

The second sermon in this series will be from Romans one:  The Power of the Gospel and the third sermon will be from Mark eight:  The Gospel that Christ Preached.  I will do a sermon the first Sunday in February on how the Bible calls our families to intersect with and be integrated with the church family.  And then we are going to begin our time together through the Book of Hebrews.  Be here Sunday ready to give yourself fully and alertly to the worship of our great God.