Worship Preparation for February 10

February 7, 2019

Follow the research of George Barna or the Pew Research Foundation or Lifeway Research or several others and all conclude the same thing even when the percentages range from sixty-one percent in one case to eighty plus in others:  an overwhelming majority of our children and students walk away from the church when they graduate high school and never return.  And the data is clear that the reasons rest in the refusal of churches to recognize that what our children and students need most is to be taught the Truth of Gods Word in a way that they can know the Word of God so as both to declare its Truth and defend it.  And in order for that to happen we must come face to face with a reality that must change:  the primary environment for children to learn what it means to trust Jesus as Lord and to live in faithfulness to HIm which means at least a desire to love and be loyal to Scripture is the family.  The church can only strengthen and supplement what is happening in the home.  The church cannot overcome what is not happening in the home.  Asaph in Psalm 78 speaks to this issue when he tells us very clearly what we must do in order to reach "the generations yet to be born."  Let's think together on Sunday about what we are doing or not doing to reach "generation yet."