Worship Preparation for April 21

April 18, 2019

Do you ever read about our brothers and sisters being persecuted for their faith and standing strong for Jesus no matter the cost and wander if you are strong enough or tough enough or even faithful enough to do what they are doing?  I do.  And I am glad that what we need is not more strength and toughness or even more faith; what we need is an awareness that grows as we grow of who Jesus really is.  We need a vison of His glory.  What better day in the year to turn to a book in the Bible written for believers who were being persecuted that opens with three gloriously beautfiful pictures of who Jesus is in HIs glory.  It is He whom we need to see and it is seeing Him that we pray on this Sunday God will use to open the eyes of unbelievers and draw them to Him.  Look forward to seeing you in worship and looking together at Jesus in HIs Glory.  We will be gathering in the Spirit of God and under the authority of the Word of God found in Psalm 24 and Revelation 1.