FBC Kids Summer Programing

May 29, 2019

We are kicking off FBC Kids Summer tonight! Meet in the Old Fellowship Hall in the education building at 6pm. We are going on a giant scavenger hunt all over the building to find clues about who God is. 

Want to know more of what to expect this summer? 

- Wednesday night we are going to be studying who God is (aka the theology of God) looking specifically at the life of David in the Old Testament and Peter in the new. It's natural, when we read the Bible, to want to find ourselves in the story or understand what it means to us. But, actually, the Bible is a book about God and we want FBC Kids to read their Bibles asking what does this passage teach me about God.  

- Music has the ability to put words to the deepest feelings of our souls, and we want FBC Kids to know music that gives voice to the happy times and the dark times they will face. Sunday nights we are launching FBC Kids choir! We are so excited about this. Your kids will have the opportunity to learn hymns old and new from the Getty Family hymnal + work on their music skills and learn why singing praise to God is a command and a wonderful gift. Watch for more info on this as the weekend approaches!