Veldboom Prayer Letter - Blue Skies, Buildings, Book Tables & BooBoos

June 10, 2019

Blue Skies, Buildings,
Book Tables & BooBoos
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The BLUE SKIES have returned to Chiang Mai!  The rainy season has begun and the rains have washed away all the smokey air!  Have you looked up in your sky today and thanked the Lord for blue skies and clean air?  We are doing this daily these days!
Ken found a wonderful new book shop building for a good price.  BUT the Bangkok bookshop building needs to be sold first, before we have the money to buy this.  PRAY the Bangkok sale will go through quickly so we will not lose this building.
Left:   Last week we had a visit from the the Asian Field Director, Romaldo from the Philippines (L) and Lewis, an American living in South Korea (R). Lewis will be the interim Asian Field Director soon.  Ken (far R) is Amanda's (bookshop worker) husband.  August 12th-17th, Ken & Amanda will attend the Asian Leader's Conference in the Philippines.  Don & I will man the bookshop alone.  Pray we will manage okay with our limited Thai.

Right:  Saying good-bye to some more dear missionary friends.  Chiang Mai has lots of Hellos and Good-Byes!
Left:   What a privilege to be invited to Charlie and Judy's house for dinner!  Such a sweet couple. Charlie is a frequent shopper at CLC.  Judy is the food service manager for a large missionary school in town.

Right:  "Mam" came in the bookshop one day to buy communion bread.  She asked if I (Betsy) attended a "cell group" (a small group).  I told her about BSF and she has become a regular attender.  She speaks limited English, but she has really persevered in this group.  We now have lessons and notes in Thai, which is drawing more Thai girls.
What Does a Christian Bookshop Do in Chiang Mai?
  • Provided a Myanmar (Burma) Bible teacher and 3 pastors of churches in Myanmar (who were all saved out of Buddhism) with helps for their ministries:  such as the book, "Answers to Tough Questions".
  • Provided an American missionary couple, who are directors of childrens' homes in CM, with Christian children's literature and also a book for their "MayBaan" (house keeper).
  • Provided a "Grab" (like Uber) driver a fish symbol for her car, a fish keychain and a cross necklace so she can be a witness while doing her job.
  • Provided 200 Gospels of John (with a commitment card in the back that can be sent in) for a young Thai girl for an outreach in her church.
  • Provided a young Thai girl with the book, "Bondage Breaker" she bought to give to a troubled friend.
Book Tables
We have three conference book tables this summer: June 17-23, July 24-29 and a large one August 4-11.
Please these will be a blessing to the missionaries.

Betsy hurt her right knee about last February (scrubbing the kitchen floor?!?!) and she kept running on it, which did not help. She is scheduled for arthroscopic surgery Saturday, June 29th 1 pm (2 am Georgia time).  Last week, while favoring that knee, she banged her toe into a foot stool and broke a toe on the left foot!  Pray the surgery goes well and for healing for the toe!
  • Continued good sales in the bookshop
  • Three book tables this summer at conferences
  • Pastor Al and Greg coming to help at the last book table
  • Endless opportunities to serve the Thai Christian community with literature for growth and outreach
  • The blue skies have returned
Prayer Requests:
  • Quick sale of the Bangkok CLC bookshop building
  • Wisdom about buying this new building in God's timing
  • To be a blessing at the three book tables this summer
  • For Betsy to manage 17 TCKs (third culture kids) 4-6 years June 13th - 23rd at a conference.  She will have 3 helpers.  Pray the knee and toe will not be an issue.  Pray she can organize it all this week.
  • For the days we are in the shop alone - pray we will be able to serve the Thai customers, inspite of our lack of language
  • That Mahte (the 7th grade boy Betsy tutors) will read the 2 Christian books and come to know Jesus
Hello or Good-Bye ("Sa-Wat-Dee-Kah") in Thai