Worship Preparation for October 6

October 3, 2019

We begin this Sunday a four week series in which we will examine our mission statement:  we exist to reach up to God in worship, to reach out to others in witness and to reach across to one another in love. Is  this biblical both in terms of what it expresses and the order in which it is expressed?  Then we will turn to another four week series, "Who's Your One?" in which we will ask of the Bible, "should every believer be sharing the Gospel with unbelievers or is that just for preacher types?"  And then we will begin another four (actually five) week series to end the year in which we will examine who Jesus is from His conception by the Holy Spirit to the consummation of all things when He returns to the earth.  Each four week series is intended to build a foundation for a bridge that will lead us from one to another.  AND THEN we will begin on the first Sunday in 2020, God willing; to work our way through 1 Peter, 2 Peter, and James.  Look forward to seeing you Sunday as we gather before the throne of God above to give HIm the worship that He deserves.