Worship Preparation for November 3

October 31, 2019

DO NOT FORGET THAT WE FALL BACK ON SATURDAY NIGHT!  SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK ONE HOUR BEFORE GOING TO BED.  Dean Inserra reminds us that Sunday morning Bible Study and Worship is a Saturday decision.  We begin this Sunday a three week series:  Who's Your One?  I am going to ask you to ask God to give you one person who does not know Jesus for whom you will pray, serve, and share the Gospel in order to call them to commit their lives to Jesus.  We will be in Luke 9 and 10 this Sunday to look at the mission of Jesus in the world.  Whatever that is for HIm; it is for us.  So, what is it?  Many churches in our day are doing lots of good work but the good work we do has no real eternal value unless it flows into and emerges out of the mission of Jesus.  Let's think about that together on Sunday.  See you Sunday as you come with eagerness to worship our God and to open together the only book of absolute truth in the whole world.