A Spreading Cancer?? Pt. III

November 2, 2019

This is my third reflection on CRT and intersectionality. I want to say one more time that
I am more than well aware that most people do not know anything about it and do not care. So
I want to be clear that my writing about it here is simply to help me process some of what I
have encountered along the way as I have been in settings where others have talked about it. I
have walked away on the most of those occasions with real conflicted assessments: is this
really serious or is it something to be noticed and watched, but it poses no real threat? Which
is it? Here is now my currently conclusive answer for myself: I do not know. It could be very
dangerous to lots of institutions including the local church, or it could be nothing. I do think it is
dangerous to ignore it as if it is nothing. I think it is equally dangerous to treat it as a world
reorienting philosophical system. I want to think through for myself now three areas where
concern has been raised about this worldview/analytical tool as it is being examined, engaged,
and expressed in some of what we are dealing with in our Southern Baptist Convention (SBC).
First, I do not think that CRT and Intersectionality pose any real threat now or in the
near future to our institutions and those who lead them. We have by God’s grace seen our SBC
returned to biblical orthodoxy. We have been able to elect leaders who are working hard to
maintain fidelity to biblical orthodoxy. This reality for now is one for which we are grateful and
through our trustee system should work hard both to maintain and also to grow. What elders
are to a local church in maintaining biblical orthodoxy, so our trustees are to our institutions.
Pray for them. Pray that men and women like them would continue to be added to our boards
of trustees. We are in good hands for now.
Second, the movement increasingly toward social justice issues being equated
equivocally with Gospel issues is a concern. The social justice issues that have emerged seem
to align with some of the major concerns of CRT and intersectionality. What is happening it
seems to me is that we are becoming much too sensitive to producing and proving that we
have voices from every persuasion giving direction to who we are and what we do. We are now
more than ever giving public voice to the diversity of the diversity in our leadership as Southern
Baptists. This reality should be celebrated. The concern is about what is driving it; is it the wind
of the Holy Spirit or is the crashing waves of our current culture in which we will be drowned if
we do not conform. I do not know. I am not being suspicious or even judgmental, but I am
concerned that cultural forces in any age can so capture the church that we can do some really
crazy things in the name of Jesus!
Third, I am concerned that really honest conversations can be stifled if we get so
consumed by CRT and intersectionality. What I wrote above can be peeled apart by the CRT
folks to make a case that I am racist or against justice or a majority culture bigot or . . . well, it
goes on and on. What I am is a child of God seeking to make sense out of this movement in our
culture while desiring deeply to live in devotion to the Word of God so that my life can be
moved along by the Spirit of God. If I am any of those things above, or worse; I want to be
challenged, convicted and called to repentance, but not on the basis of who I should be and
what I should think according to some critical theory but on the basis of what the Word of God
says I must be if I belong to God. I have already been in situations where justice issues have
emerged in relationships between African-American friends and Anglo friends where honest
conversation is almost impossible. This is scary to me because if my African-American brother
cannot speak into my life as a brother, and I cannot speak into his life because I am Anglo, well;
this will produce silence among us that is born out of fear. And we then live more in isolation
from each other than ever before.
That is why there is now and has been always a one word answer for all these issues:
Jesus. He is the one who breaks down all the walls and brings us all together in peace. His
justice is perfect. His love is all pervasive. And His will, will be done at last on earth as it is in
heaven. So, we pray, proclaim the Gospel to all, and persevere in the passionate pursuit of Him
either until He calls us home or comes to get us.