The American Gospel

November 27, 2019

The most dangerous and deadly false gospel is the prospertity gospel.  The most prevalent and powerfully popular gospel in the world is the prosperity gospel.  It comes in two varieities:  soft and thus very seductive to people who live in a self-centered culture and hard core where we and what we will and want become the center of everytthing in our relationshiip to God.  Both require a deceptive and thus devilish understanding of who God is, who we are, and what God has really done for us in Jesus.  The soft prosperitity gospel has had a very strong and significant impact all over our country.  Those of us, and the would be "us," who are affected by the soft prosperity gospel live lives revolving around physical well-being, monetary sufficiency, matieral acquisition, worldly success and status; none of which is evil or demonic, but becomes both when any or all become a primary indicator of both the rightness or relationship with God or the things for which we primarily seek God in prayer.  I am affected by this false gospel; it is the air we breathe in our culture.  Some are proponents of a hard core prosperity gospel that is very satanic and seductive:  name what you want from God and claim it for yourself or worse; our words have power and we speak into existence through our words what we want to happen and fully expect God to give us what we want and will!

True Churches and faithful preachers all over the world are fighting against this false gospel  from Africa to Asia to Eastern Europe and to Australia and New Zealand.  They call it, "The American Gospel."  A media group in America has produced a very convicting  almost two hour documentary on this false gospel.  We will show it on Sunday night December 1 and December 15.  I hope you will come and hope you will invite your friends to come.