Several Prayer Requests

January 7, 2020

Pleaase pray today for Haddon Stephens and his Mom and Dad.  He has experienced some kidney issues and was being admitted into the hospital last night.  Pray for the medical team that is giving him care and for clear communicatioin between the medical team and Brian//Cristen.   Haddon was released from the hospital but will return on Wednesday for a consult with the pediatrician from the hopsitial whose speicalty by God's grace is in childhood nephroligical disorders.  Criisten and Brian are also consulting with our brothers Johhny Christian and Shelley Griffin.  I will keep you posted as we we have more information.   Pray for the peace of God to rule in their hearts through Jesus Christ who is Lord.

Emily Young is in the hospital.  Please pray for her and her daughters who are caring for her.

Pray for the Felcman family, alll of whom have been hit with flu-like symptoms incuding battling fevers.  Fevers seem to have broken thiis morning but the sickness is still present.  Pray for needed strength and grace, healing from and by God through His Spirit and peace that only God can bring.  GAW