Super Bowl

February 4, 2020

I must begin with a confession. I made a decision almost twenty-five years ago now that I do not and would not impose on anyone else. It was a decision I made as I began to ask God to show me some of the idols in my life, some of the things that consumed my time, my money, my energy and emotion. One of those things for me was and is the game of football. I love the game. I love watching the game and can do so for hours. But twenty-five years ago I stopped watching a lot of football, including the Super Bowl. I have for many years usually watched the third quarter and some of the fourth quarter before fading into sleep. That means that I have not seen a super bowl halftime gig in over twenty-five years. I did this year. Much now to my regret and deep remorse.

I had gotten home from a wonderful day at church. I was as usual very tired but very thrilled at the grace that God has given me in allowing me and Anne to serve such a wonderful church. I prepared my evening meal which is usually very light, so I had my two scambled eggs, cantaloupe, a banana and some sushi. Anne was amused at my concoction. I sat down to watch the third quarter and found out that there were three minutes or so in the first half. I waited for half-time, watched Terry his team give their “expert” analysis, and then just sat there as the “show” began.

I was confused at first. What is this that I am seeing? It made no sense to me. I was then frustrated as you might expect a preacher to be as I began to calculate the massive amounts of money being spent on the essence of nothing, thinking about lost people all over the world including Miami who need Jesus and how that money could have been used for much better purposes. I became sad before I turned angry as I realized that I was watching as I said to Anne one of the most violent and vulgar displays of human depravity that I had ever seen. I began to feel sick. I began to wonder who would watch this kind of thing and think anything about it even remotely entertaining let alone appropriate. It was unapologetic pornography on international display. And some of us wonder why nations around the world raise their eyebrows when anybody here would dare speak of us as a “Christian” nation?

As it all ended and I was taking my tray with my food plates to our kitchen, I walked by my sweet wife and my wonderful mother-in-law and thought how the whole thing was such a berating of women and a belittling of who women are. It was the kind of “act” that should make every woman watching angry. And what kind of man, I thought, as I made my way to the kitchen would take delight in this kind of damnable display of pornographic perversion? Then I made the mistake of opening facebook only to read two quotes from two men whose quotes made it clear how much they delighted in what they just saw. I immediately groaned in my spirit and replied by bowing my head and praying for both men and for myself that I would be kind of man who would first honor Anne as the wonderfully gifted and beautiful woman that she is as my partner in every way and that I would see and speak to and relate to women as the made-in-the-image-of-God and that wonderfully, that each woman is. The NFL and Pepsi owe them all the sincerest of apologies for the way they were defamed last night.