Worship Preparation for February 16

February 13, 2020

The first section of 1 Peter ends in chapter two, verse 10.  Peter begins by laying a sure and solid foundation for who we are as followers of Jesus and what we have been given in the great gift of salvation.  He then shows us the first results which are a genuine change in our lives that lead us to unite with a local church in which and thorugh which we pursue holiness by putting sin to death and being driven by an insatiable desire to know God through HIs Word, the Bible.  Now he turns in 2:11 to the next section that takes us all the way to chapter four, verse eleven in which he is showing us how to LIVE IT OUT.  He wants us to know how to live in the world as followers of Jesus, how to live in our work as followers of Jesus and how to live in our marriages as followers of Jesus.  Our language about being believers pushes us continually toward lifestyles that show that we really are who we say we are.  See you Sunday ready to sing to His glory and to hear what He says to us through His gloriously sufficient Word.