Worship Preparation for March 10

February 27, 2020

Peter addresses how we live out what it means to be a follower of Jesus in two major contexts:  work and marriage.  He connects the two with what is the one and only key, 2:21-25.  Read this text in preparation for Sunday.  How does this text have an impact on how you do your work and how you engage in your marriage.  If you are single, then ask how this text should have an impact on the work that you do and on marriage if God so wills that you become married.  Peter is speaking in 3:1-7  especially to marriages in which the wife is a believer and the husbamd iis not, 3:1-6;  he then speaks in verse 7 specifically to husbands who are beleivers married to what seems to be wives who are beleivers.  This text is a very important text for us in our day when what should be the number one prioriity for us when looling to marry and in marriage too foten is not our main foucs.