Sundays and Wednesdays through the end of March

March 17, 2020

These are crazy and confusing days for all of us.  I am faced along with our Elders with making decisions that even two weeks ago we had no idea we would be making.  I find myself between the proverbial rock and a hard place:  on the one side is the rock of not wanting to let go for even one Sunday our gathering for the study of God's Word and the corporate worship of our great God and on the other side is the hard place of those who are in authority over us calling us to cease from gathering in groups now of larger than ten people.  We have prayed.  We have talked together.  I have talked with either pastors of staff members of all the major churches in our town, all of whom are in the same place as we are.  These are very crazy and confusing days. 

We will have no activities at FBC for the remainder of this month on Sunday or Wednesday evenings, and actitivies scheduled for other nights as well.   We will continue to pray for God to eradicate COViD-19 from the world.  Pray with me that way and pray for us to learn in these days all that God wants us to learn.  As one of our elders told me yesterday, "we think we are in control and then one little virus comes alongs and reminds us that we are not nearly as much in control as we thought."  So, no activities here the rest of March.  BUT we will live stream our Sunday morning service with some music from our worship team and Al preadhing the sermon series from 1 Peter.  We will do that this Sunday mornng and most likely next Sunday morning.  We will go live at 10:30.    No Sunday School this Sunday, March 22 with the most likely probabability of no Sunday School next Sunday morning, March 29.  Nobody should like this but it is the reality with which we are faced.

We will be letting you knolw how exactly to access the service on Sunday no later than Thursday.  We will get that information out to you via our enews.  Please be praying for wisdom for us all as we seek to navigate these days together.  GAW