Sermon Notes for Sunday, March 29, 2020

March 26, 2020

What in the World are we to Do?
1 Peter 4:1-11
March 29, 2020
It could be that the last prayer that Jesus prayed before His betrayal and arrest is recorded for us in John 17.  He is praying to His Father for His disciples through.  The focus of the prayer is that we as His church would know unity in Him and His purpose so that we would know and never forget or forsake the reality that we are in the world but never of the world.  Who we are and what we do is determined by the Word of God and never the Ways of the World, John 17:6-11, 16-19

  1. We must See our Situation, 4:1-2
  1. We must see our situation historically, culturally, biblically and theologically.
  1. God speaks through Peter to lay down a primary and priority principle, 4:1
  1. Jesus who was the perfect and pure Son of God faced suffering in the world and from the world both religious and secular, John 1:9-11
  2. We must “arm ourselves” with the same thought or mental approach that suffering for the Gospel is normal for the church in the world, John 16:33
  3. Suffering does not mean that we have sinned but shows that we are seeking to serve Jesus as Lord, 4:1-2
  1. We must See the Source of our Situation and the Solution 4:3-6
  1. The world which is ruled over by Satan who has established values that offer meaning in the world because they appeal to our basic desires; The seduction of Satan begins slowly and subtly, 3
  1. The world makes its ways attractive and then mocks and maligns us when we don’t join in, 4
  1. The world and its ways is under judgment and without repentance will face judgment but the child of God even though mocked by the world is secure forever in Jesus even when for a time we walk away from God and into the world;
We must never expect the world to love the church or to act like the church.  The ruler of the world hates the church and wants to destroy her witness in the world. 

  1. We must be the Church in the World, 4:7-11
  1. God lays down a second principle in verse 7.  We live our lives every day in the face of death or in the light of the return of Jesus
  1. Priority Practices for the Church in the World, 4:7-11
  1. We are to give ourselves with sober-minded wisdom to prayers or to the Worship of God; Our prayers offered to God ground us and give us wings;
  2. We must love one another with the kind of love that covers a multitude of sins.  The only covering for our sins is the blood of Jesus but when we are covered with His blood, it shows in our relationships to each other as brothers and sisters in the church.  It means that “we do not look for faults in others but for the best in others, and we do not dwell on ways that we have been harmed but ways that we can help.”  Sanchez
  3. We practice hospitality or we care for those who are different without grumbling.  Grumbling comes from a heart that has not been truly touched by the grace of God.
  4. We serve God and one another through either our serving or our speaking gifts and because these gifts come from God to us we live in the church to glorify God through Jesus Christ to whom alone belongs praise and dominion.
What are we to do in the world?  We are to be the church.  I wonder what would happen in the world if the world saw churches being churches.