Worship Preparation for April 5

April 2, 2020

Palm Sunday is this Sunday.  Palm Sunday begins Holy Week.  It will be so different for all of us this year.  We turn Sunday to 1 Peter 4:12-19.  The sermon title that came early out of this text for me as I studied this text is "Fiery Trials and Faithful Living."   The last words that are recorded that Jesus said just before He prayed for His disciples and for all who follow HIm (John 17) are these:  "you will have all kinds of trials in the world; Be courageous (and it can also mean to be encouraged), I have overcome the world."  Fiery trials come to all.  Faithful living is found in those who know, love, serve and seek to obey jesus.  Let's isten together to what Peter teaches us about this reality.  

We will sing Sunday two songs that have been on my heart all week:  He will Hold me Fast and the great Fanny Crosby song, Blessed Assurance.

Please plan to join us this week each day at noon as pastors in our community help us to walk together through Holy Week as we think together about some of the reasons that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and was raised on the third day.