Night of Power

May 19, 2020

I hope that many of you are praying through the days of Ramadan for Muslims all over the world.  Tonight is the  most important night of all.  It is known to Muslims around the world as the night of power.  It is thought by them that it was on this night while Muhammed was in the middle of his fast that he received the first of the revelations that became the Quran.  Almost all Muslims treat this night differently than all others as they seek to see a vision, to dream a dream. or to encounter "Allah" in some special form.  And it has been on this night that thorugh the prayers of the people of God, many Muslims have seen visioins and dreamed dreams and have had encounters that would bring them in time to bow before Jesus as. Lord.  Pray that this night will be no different and many Muslims all over the world will come to Jesus on this "night of power."  May the power of God through the prayers of His people be displayed in life-changing ways.