Sermon Notes for Sunday, May 24, 2020

May 21, 2020

John 17:1-19
May 24, 2020
Graduate Recognition Sunday
What if we had a number we could call and find out something about the most important reason that we are facing what we are facing in our time?  What if we had as it were a spiritual 911?  We do have a 3 in 1 or a 1 in 3 with the extension 17119.  Let’s dial it up.

  1. The Context of 17119
  1. These are the opening words of the last words that Jesus would ever speak publicly to His disciples before going through betrayal, arrest, beating, bruising, mocking and maligning to the cross to be put to death as a sacrifice for the sins of His people.  It is a prayer.  It is called the high priestly prayer of Jesus.
  1. This prayer answers the most important question for every life throughout time and history.   Everybody in the world is born with a bent toward finding the answer to three basic issues:  origin, meaning, and destiny, Ravi
  1. This prayer is the culmination of Jesus showing and telling His disciple who He is and who they are to be and how through the presence and power of the Holy Spirit who will convict, confront, comfort, change and conform them increasingly to who He has called them to be. 
  1. The Foundation of the Prayer, 17:1-2
  1. Jesus had one priority purpose in His life, His Ministry and His death:  to exalt and to magnify God by accomplishing the mission for which God sent Him. 
  1. Salvation from what every human deserves depended on who Jesus is what Jesus came to do, 1-2
  1. The Focus of the Prayer 17:3-5
  1. Eternal life is not used in the Bible in a quantitative sense; the Bible uses other terms for that.  Eternal life is the life of God by His Spirit living in and through us to enable us to know God, to grow in the knowledge of God and to make God known to others. 
B.  Knowing God, growing in the knowledge of God and making God known is what we most need in this time and in every time, but how do we know?

  1. The Faithfulness of God to His people in this Prayer, 17:6-19
  1. God calls us out of the world by His Word and through His Spirit in order to give ourselves to His Word, to guard His Word and to live our lives under the authority of His Word; We know that JESUS IS LORD and we are committed to Him without compromising this clear conviction for anyone or for any reason, 6-8
  1. We know that we are in this world but we are not of it and don’t care to be.  The allurements and enticements of Satan are so strong as the ways of the world connect with the desires of our flesh that some of the most faithful fall away for a season, BUT,
  1. Jesus is praying for you, 9
  2. You are His, 10
  3. It is a fight but He is faithful to the end, 11
  1. We grow more and more toward eternal happiness and delight in God and in God alone, 12-19
  1. We soak in the Joy that is ours through the Word of God, 13-14
  2. We seek to be holy through the Word of God, 15-17
  3. We know we are “sent ones” to call others to know God, 18-19
This is what you need to know and that for which Jesus prays for you, 20