Sermon Notes for Sunday, Jun 28, 2020

June 25, 2020

The End
2 Peter 3:8-18
June 28, 2020
We have come to the end.  Well, at least the end of this particular pass through 1 and 2 Peter.  I hope we have at least learned that Peter was writing to lesser-known churches in not as well known places that were facing the first waves of persecution and some were remaining completely committed, some were compromising, and some were collapsing in the context of mild persecution thus showing their true spiritual condition.  He writes both letters to remind them of the true nature of every child of God:  we know God through Jesus Christ with a desire to grow in the grace and knowledge of God and make Him known to those who do not know Him.  And in the end this is very critical in the face of the end.

  1. Two Very Important Issues for us to Understand, 3:8-10
  1. We must have the right view of time and history
  1. Cyclical which always leads first to hedonism and from their to apathy and in the end to despair
  2. Linear which is the only view the Bible holds; God is eternal and works out His eternal purposes in time.
  1. The gracious character of our great God
  1. God is patient and persevering toward His people (you)
  2. God does not want any to continue in darkness and defeat (any)
  3. Peter is writing to the committed, the compromised and the collapsed, Ezekiel 18:30-32. 2 Timothy 2:15-19. NO UNIVERSALISM!
  1. The End is Coming:  What sort of people ought we to be? 
  1. “Sort of” points to character and conduct; Who we are to be and how are we to behave?  “Ought” is a New Testament term that ALWAYS points to what God has ordained.  Peter answers in affirmation of Jesus, Matthew 24:36-45
  1. We are to be a people who wait; the word “wait” points to and eager expectation while involved in Kingdom Work;
  1. We are waiting for the Day of God or the Day of the Lord which is a day of darkness and final judgment into which the light comes to purge and purify forever, 12
  2. We are to wait for the new heavens and the new earth “in which righteousness dwells, 13
  3. We are to wait while being actively involved in the work of the Kingdom of God, 14-17.
  1. We Wait and We Work; We are very active.  “The Faith by which we are saved is a very active and lively faith, it is not passive.”  Luther  What are we seeking in what we do because of who we are?
  1. We are seeking to be holy:  set apart from the world and set unto the things of God.  The world does not establish our identity, our morality or our activity.  New commitment with a new community with a new concern.
  2. We are seeking to be godly.  Holiness is primarily VERTICAL while godliness is primarily INTERNAL AND HORIZONTAL, 2 Timothy 3:12-17.
  3. We are seeking to be grounded in the Truth of God or the Word of God knowing that our primary opposition is “lawlessness:” Those who turn the life of faithfulness into a simply formula to be received, repeated and believed with absolute assurance.
  4. We are seeking to grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus Christ; this is our purpose and passion;
  5. We are seeking to live so as until the end with our lips and our lives we give glory and honor to God. 
And one day those who love Him as seen in our living this way will see Him face to face.  We shall behold the face of God.  And that is why all who love God through Jesus in the power of the Spirit hunger and thirst for Jesus to come soon.  The End.