Sermon Notes for Sunday, July 5, 2020

July 2, 2020

How Does God View a Nation?
Psalm 33
July 5, 2020
Times of confusion, conflict, distress and despair have driven me to Psalm 11 where a very important question is asked and answered:  “if the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do?”  The context is the confusion that comes when commitment to God as Lord causes conflict with the culture or community of which we are a part.  What can the righteous do?  The answer:  worship God with the people of God, know that God rules and reigns over all things, and be sure that God will sustain the righteous whom He loves while destroying the wicked whom He hates.

  1. Who are the Righteous?
  1. The word is a legal term.  It assumes guilt and shame.  It is used of the essence of God:  He is righteous and He is the only one who in His essence is righteous.  And it is used of the expression of God toward guilty sinners living in shame:  God declares sinners to be right with Him.
  1. A God who is righteous or without guilt and shame declares sinners to be righteous by entering into our world of guilt and shame, taking upon Himself at the cross our sin that is the cause of our guilt and shame and dying to pay the price for our sin as our substitute.
  1. When we hear, receive, believe and begin to base our lives on what God has done for us in Jesus, we are declared to be right with God fully and forever which results is our living with a desire to be righteous and to do what is required of the righteous.
  1. The Way of the Righteous, Psalm 33:1-9
  1. The Righteous are joyfully and gratefully engaged in the worship of God; note the imperatives of worship here, 1-3
  1. The Righteous love and serve God as the creator of all things and as the sovereign over all things, 4-9
  1. The righteous are scattered throughout all the nations but know that their hope and their life is not found in any one nation
  1. The Way and Work of the Nations, 33:10-17
  1. The contrast between 10 and 11 and the prayer of 12, Isaiah 40:15-17, Psalm 2
  1. God sees and knows all things about all people all over the world:
  1. Size means nothing to God;
  2. Strength means nothing to God
  3. Security means nothing to God
  4. Safety means nothing to God
  1. The extent to which nations trust in the above is the extent to which they will not trust in God; what about us? Psalm 2
  1. A history rooted in the law of God that formed the foundation for our governing documents and bodies with focus on individual initiative checked and balanced by care and concern for one another
  2. Rapid descent into the complete and total collapse of meaningful morality and common decency
  1. God sees and knows the Righteous, 33:18-22
  1. Fear God
  2. Focused on His Faithfulness
  3. He alone Saves
  4. He alone Sustains
  5. He rules and reigns
  6. He is our Help and our Shield: with us and before us
  7. He is our Joy
  8. We trust His Holy Name
  9. Fullness of life found in Him
  10. Focus for time and eternity on God