Worship Preparation for July 26

July 23, 2020

Every believer's life is being buiilt on a sure and solid foundation.  We have no reason to be afraid.  We have no reason to be shaky or shaken.  The foundation upon which our lives are built as believers is not built by us.  It is built by God who has come in Jesus Christ to do all that God requires to bring us freedom and with what God has done in Jesus through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus comes the presence and the power of the Holy Spirit living in us and working in us to make us more amd more of what God wants us to be.  God's gift of the Holy Spirit gives us the focus we need and with this gift comes the sure knowledge that our lives rest upon a sure and solid foundation.  We will explore Sunday the elements that are found in this foundation as we listen to Romans 8:9-11.  See you Sunday.