Sermon Notes for Sunday, August 2, 2020

July 30, 2020

Romans 8:1-17
August 2, 2020
Fullness.  I am using this term for the text for today in the context of what it means in the New Testament.  It is a very rich word that reaches out in different directions:  finality as Jesus being the final word of God to His World; fulfillment as Jesus being the fulfillment of all that God has been doing from the time of creation and fullness:  God has come in Jesus Christ alone to bring to all who believe the life that we were intended to live from the very beginning.  It is a life in the Spirit, by the Spirit, and through the Spirit lived out in faithfulness to Jesus for the glory of God.
Paul makes a major turn in 8:9 that is supported by 8:12:  he is speaking to the church and only to the church.  What Paul says from 8:9 through the end of the chapter cannot be applied to unbelievers outside the church. 

  1. Life in the Flesh, 8:12
  1. We are debtors, 1:14
  1. We are not debtors to the Flesh
  1. We owe nothing to the world but the Gospel
  2. We owe nothing to ourselves but denial and death to ourselves so as to live for the glory of God
  3. We do not by nature know what it means to save ourselves, to love ourselves or to forgive ourselves; We are saved by the grace of God, only God can show us what love is and how to live it and any forgiveness that is real begins with God and what He has done. 
  1. Compromise of any kind with the world or the flesh leads to what may look like life but is in fact spiritual death:
  1. Focus on feeling good about ourselves, “the contemporary obsession with achieving self-esteem is a tragic reflection of our sinful and futile efforts to regain glory apart from holiness.”
  2. Focus on behavior change without real and radical change of mind, heart, speech and actions
  3. Failure that causes us to grieve the Holy Spirit because we are living our lives in the flesh and how we relate tone another shows, Ephesians 4:30ff.
  1. Life in the Spirit, 8:13
  1. Paul lays down a principle and lays out a pattern that is found in Romans 12-14, Galatians 5-6, Hebrews 12-13, Ephesians 4-6, Philippians and Colossians 3:1-17
  1. Principle and Pattern found simply in Galatians 2:19-21
  1. Our POSITION in Christ, 1-4; seek and set our minds in a certain direction if . . . we are given the power, the purpose and the perspective for living the way God calls us to live, 3
  1. Put to Death
  1. Passions, 5-7
  2. Practices, 8-9
  3. Perspective, 10-11
  1. Put on, 12-13.  Seven things with the first two and the last two addressing our relationship to fellow believers and the middle three addressing our relationship to God so that when we fail in relationship to believers we know where to look for the reason!
  1. Put Over all:  love for God, passion for unity, and gratitude
G.  Put ourselves under the authority of the Word of God that is core of the worship of God that causes us to exalt Jesus as Lord and live in relationship to one another as thankful people.