FBC Kids Sunday School Info

September 3, 2020

Hi Parents, 

This Sunday we will resume Sunday School, promoting to new classes. In order to keep classroom sizes more manageable and to keep our kids and volunteers safe, some of the age and grade divisions are different this year. Here is a listing of the age and grade divisions, the room numbers, and teachers for each class to help you know what to expect this Sunday.
Age/Grade Birthday range Room Number  Teacher 
Babies Birthday after Aug 2019 Room 103/104 Rotates each week - teachers needed in this class
1s and 2s  Between Sep '17 & Aug '19 Room 102  Paul and Schylea Williams first month, 
Molly Banks and Sally Holland second month 
3s and 4s  Between Sep '16 & Aug '17  Room 101 Teacher needed
Kindergarten  NA  Room 100 Teacher needed 
1st Grade  NA  Room 305 Bruce Early 
2nd & 3rd Grade  NA  Room 301  Jeremy and Marie Murray 
4th Grade  NA  Room 302 Nina Springer and Linda Murray 
5th & 6th Grade NA  Room 300 Ashley Hammett 
Class divisions in preschool may fluctuate some depending on the number of kids who actually attend. We will keep you updated as we move forward. 
You may notice we have some openings for teachers. If you are interested in teaching in Sunday school please contact me and let me know. 
We also still have lots of openings to serve in the preschool wing during the worship hour. You can sign up for those here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0D4DA4AB2FA7F4C43-fbckids
Rebekah Felcman 
Director of Children's Ministry 
First Baptist Church of Waynesboro 
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