Sermon Notes for Sunday, September 6, 2020

September 3, 2020

Peace in a Pandemic
Psalm 46
September 6, 2020
I am convinced that those who will struggle the most beyond the days of this pandemic are those who are wanting a return to what was, getting back to normal, living life as it was lived before.  That most likely will not happen and that is a biblical and theological issue.
I.                    The Biblical and Theological Issue
A.      The Bible paints for us a picture of God as ever-present in the midst of all of time and every circumstance who is over us and beyond us and always out in front of us calling us toward where He wills us to be. 
B.       The world looks back to whatever period it crystallizes in its imagination as that time when life was better than now to which the world wants to return nostalgically; the church is always looking forward to where God wants to takes us from the past through the present toward where He is leading us.
C.       Thus, the church is not looking backward but forward led by the Spirit of God through the Word of God among the people of God knowing that God is with us to give us peace in every place and in every period of life, Philippians 4:10-13
Psalm 46 shows us how to have peace from God in the midst of this pandemic and every other period in life. 
II.                 It Begins and Ends with a Simple Truth, Psalm 46:1 and 11

  1. God is  Our . . . . This is most basic and non-negotiable
1.      Refuge or one to whom we flee when fearful
2.      Strength or power providing all we need
3.      Always present to give All that we need

  1. This “warrior” God is with us to fight for us all of our battles, 11
III.              This Simple Truth gives us a Singular Focus, 46:2-9

  1. We will not fear even in the very worst of circumstances and situations, 2-3.  Selah.
  1. We will focus on God and all the sources He gives us to sustain and to strengthen us:  4-7
1.      The Word of God that refreshes us
2.      The Spirit of God who renews us
3.      The Son of God who redeems us

  1. We remember His Works and rest in His victory, 8-9.  We only know how real our faith is “when we are tested by severe conflicts to the point of feeling as if hell itself is opening under us and we are going to be swallowed by it, Calvin.  “This is the best of all:  God is with us.”  Wesley
IV.              This Simple Truth that is the foundation for this Singular Focus produces for the believer a serene life, 46:10-11

  1. One Command:  Be Still.  It is the one way that we can know that God is God.  Constant activity and unending noise is not ever a good thing for us.
  1. One command rooted in three worthy truths that drive us to worship God alone who alone is worthy of worship:
1.      God will be exalted above and beyond all the nations
2.      God will be exalted above and beyond the earth
3.      God is with us and He fights all of our battles, 2 Chronicles 20:15-17.
Psalm 46 is the first of a trilogy of Psalms.  Listen to how this trilogy ends:  48:12-14.