October 6, 2020

Our pastor has turned into a movie critic, wow!  So, let me tell you from the start what this little post is not.  It is not a movie review.  All I know about the movie is what I have read in a review of it by Megan Bashum for World News Magazine.  She gave the movie a good review in terms of its content, but in the end was deeply saddened by some of what the producers and directors of the movie endorse and celebrate in the credits that scroll at the end of the movie.  I heard her review of the movie on the World and Everything in it newscast to which I listen daily.  And I then heard Albert Mohler on his daily news podcast that is called The Briefing refer to a piece in The Washington Post about how those who produced and directed this movie were recognizing with affirmation and adoration some segments of the Chinese government that are involved in causes that should be and must be condemned.  So, when I heard in the same less than twenty-four hour news cycle from my two most trusted sources for news the same kind of concern over the same kinds of issues, I sat up and paid attention.  And my attention was really heightened both by their concerns and by the fact that one of the two most liberal newspapers in our land was concerned about the same thing that these two very conservative observers of what is going on in the world were concerned.  It wasn’t essentially the content of the movie?  What was the nature of such concern?
It is that at the end of the movie, Disney gives credit to entities in China that are actively involved in the detainment and “reeducation process” of the Uighur people group in China.  “reeducation” means that this people group is being detained, incarcerated, sterilized so that they cannot reproduce, and tortured either into total submission to the communist regime in China or tortured to the point of the death of many.  The goal is either the total domination of this people or the complete eradication of this people.  What is happening to this people group in China is exactly what Hitler and his minions were doing to Jewish people in Germany.  Much of what Hitler was able to do was accomplished outside public notice.  It was almost all over before there was any kind of public outcry.  The same thing is happening to the Uighurs in China.  And nobody seems to notice.  Until now.  Maybe what Mohler is making known and what Bashum has written and what  the Washington Post is rightly crying out about and against will get a hearing.  Maybe people in places of power in the USA will look more closely and intervene more quickly.  
But what about us?  I have no interest in the movie.  I have great concern for this people group because they are precious to God and are among those nations and people that will have representatives around the throne of God in heaven.  I have friends who love them at a level that I can’t because they have been called to serve them in the Name of Jesus.  So I know that if I paid money to see this movie, some of that money goes to Disney and some of that Disney money goes to support organizations that are actively involved in the persecution of this precious people.  I know that now.  So I would not dare go.  You too now if you read this and check out its accuracy and are a believer may want to think twice or more about whether you go and become a part of the problem rather than a part of the solution.  You may decide that it is not that big of a deal.  And you may be right.  But at least think about  and pray before you pay and go.