Worship Preparation for October 25

October 22, 2020

We will gatther around the Lord's Table on Sunday in the only way that we really are able during these COVID-19 days.  It is not what we want but at least we now have the opportunity to celebrate the Lor'd's Supper Together.  We gather at the Supper to remember who Jesus is to us and what Jesus has done for. us.  It is a remembrance that is more than remembering that trip to the ocean last year; it is more like remembering that trip to the ocean when while enjoying a beautiful sunset and feeling the ocean breeze, he stopped and dropped to his knees and with ring in hand said, "will you marry me?"  It is that kind of memory of a forever life-changing gift that is given to us from Jesus.  That is what we will talk about Sunday:  who exactly, biblically is this Jesus?