Deacon Selection Process

October 29, 2020

The deacon selection process at FBC Waynesboro is very unique.  It begins by requests to the church family to offer nominations for the office of deacon.  The Bible knows only two offices for the New Covenant Church:  Elder/Pastor and Deacon.  These are sacred offices that serve specific roles in the life of the church.  While the Elders/Pastors give attention to the spiritual life of the church, the deacons give attentioin to the practical life of the church.  The Elders/Pastors are focused on the "church body" as an organ of life while the Deacons focus on the "church body" as an organization that supports and sustains the life of the body.  So, we ask the church family in the light of what the Bible teaches about the office of the deacon to make nominations.  Then the chairman of the body of decons and the chairman of the body of elders appoint three men from the deacon body and three from the elder body to join with them and the pastor to form the deacon selection team.  This team meets to remember what the Bible teaches about the office of the deacon, to pray for the process, and then to receive a list of the nominations.  No nominee is ever discussed in that meeting or outside that meeting.  We covenant with one another to seek God in prayer and to turn in our selections to the church secretary who compiles the nominees and lets the pastor know the names of those who received five or more votes from the nine.   Although we often see God show us whom  He has chosen on the first round, sometimes we have to go to a second round.  We meet to pray and rejoice, and to give our full support to the men who have been chosen.  They are then contacted and their names are given then to the church family where the processs started.

Any man who has not yet been ordained will then meet with an examining council before he is seated through ordination on our deacon body.  Please pray for our team this year:  Al Wright, John Hardy, Jesse Palmer, III, Paul Williams, James Coble, Brian Saxon, Irby Cochran, Steve Southard, and Charlie Fales.